Physics and Mathematics Tutoring

Michael Andrew Smith.
MInstP BSc(hons) NatSciPhys and Math

A level and I/GCSE Tuition
in Physics and Mathematics

One-to-one tuition on-line from
Michael Andrew Smith
MInstP BSc(Hons) NatSciPhys & Math.

A tutor with fourteen years of experience and dedication with extensive knowledge of both physics and mathematics at A level, IGCSE and GCSE

Introductory session:
free and without obligation.

Contact Michael on
0 77 86 69 56 06
or via

Michael Andrew Smith

Math Problem of the Week

Most Famous Physics Paradox
Nears Its End

What is Mathematics?
(A question I'm frequenctly asked)

Black hole breakthroughs
win Nobel prize for physics

Mathematical Sequences

Reluctant Metals
make a New State of Matter

Prime Factorization

SI is Not the Only Measurement System

ofqual Confirms Autumn Exam Arrangements

The EM Spectrum

Physics and Chemistry Combined:
A Story of the Periodic Table


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