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March '21 Newsletter:
End of Year Assessments (the continuing story); Easter Revision; Physics Ninja; a Guide to Prep Completion

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Dear student/parent/customer,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. In this edition we have plans for end of year assessments, Easter revision and annual leave, Physics Ninja (a GCSE resources), and a guide to how best to maximise prep submissions.

2021 June Assessments - the continuing story

We now have a better understanding of the requirements for 2021 examination series. These are going to be class-based assessments using past paper questions and sets of questions provided by the examination boards. There will be a moderation of grades by the boards as usual and the results will be issued a little earlier than usual (GCSE on 12/08/2021 and GCE on 10/08/2021). These early dates are to give a chance for students to appeal results (these appeals will be free of charge). All supporting materials need to be submitted by Friday 18th June 2021, but schools are likely to require an earlier date. Details of the approach from each examination board are given in these Links: AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR.

Easter Break: Friday 2nd to Sunday 18th April 2021

Availability for the Easter Holiday period is now up on the site at This Includes the dates I am unavailable due to Bank Holidays and Annual Leave; Friday 2nd to Monday 5th April 2021 inclusive. If you would like additional sessions or, perhaps, you would like to cancel your session and take a break. Please get back with your preference.

A website to help boost your GCSE Physics and Science grade! GCSE Physics Ninja have guided revision courses for students which are fun and effective ways to study and revise for GCSE or IGCSE. They include flashcards, video tutorials, search facilities for a topic or you can select your examination board. Courses are designed to maximise recall, build confidence, and boost achievement.

A Guide to Prep Submissions

With most students set prep based on the week's session and review in the following session. A lot of students scan (using their mobile phone camera or a desk-top scanner) their completed prep to send for marking a couple of days before the next session. Each page ideally has the student name, date, and a title with page references where applicable. Early submission gives an opportunity for the session to concentrate on issues raised from the prep rather than marking. Hopefully, resulting in a more efficient tutoring session. A good app for scanning on your phone is Microsoft Office Lens (a cut down version of which is included with Skype for mobile).

Please message with any questions raised due to issues from this newsletter or any other issues you may have.

If you do not wish to continue to receive these newsletters, then please message with your request.

      All the best,



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