August 2020: Results, COVID-19 & the New Academic Year.

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Dear students/parents/customers,

I’m starting this summary of the academic year with similar thoughts to last year; this has been a very usual year! I hope this message finds you all well, and able to get out and about after lockdown.

Results are out for the A Level students today with the GCSE results next week, on the 20th. Hopefully, those expecting results exceed their expectations. Whatever the outcome I would love to hear how you got on. Not just for the subjects I have tutored, but in general too. I'd also like to know your plans moving on; are you going for further study?

For continuing and new students, from the 1st of September 2020, the tuition fee will be updated for both online sessions and, once were back to it, for face-to-face. I will advis e you separately. Please remember this includes not only the hours tuition but prep setting and marking, and support by messaging between sessions. If you have found my tuition useful and feel that I can help someone you know, then please feel free to pass on my details. My introductory sessions are free to all new students.

The period of the lock down has been very busy right through the summer holidays. As a result, I shall be taking some time off in the autumn term leading up to Christmas. Details can be found at (Nov 2020: link updated). Thank you to all of you for your patience during the lock down period.

If you are finishing your studies or no longer need old textbooks, then please consider giving them to me so that I can offer them to future students or donate them to education charities. We can arrange collection in a non-contact manor.

Hopefully, the rest of the summer break is good for you all. I hope to see some of you, if only online, in the new academic year.

All the best and keep safe,



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