January '21 Newsletter: Parent Meetings, Shortened URL's and Zoom

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Dear student/parent/customer,

Happy New year to you all and your families. This newsletter introduces parent meetings, shortened URL's, and tuition via Zoom.

Parent meetings

In a continued effort to improve communication with parents from this half term each student's parents can request a meeting of about fifteen minutes. Each session is aimed at discussing how tuition is progressing, issues from each perspective and plans for future tuition. A session for parents like this can be held once each half term. If you would like one of these sessions before the spring half term, then please message with your request. These sessions can separate from a tutoring session, or at either end of a session.

New shortened URL - www.pamt.uk

For links to the website, which has a lengthy address, have been shortened to help students find their dedicated page and for parents to locate important pages like the availability page. I've used in the past tinyurl.com and www.v.gd. These have worked well, but some schools have firewalls which have increasingly discriminated against them making their usefulness limited. So, I've created www.pamt.uk a sister website to www.physicsandmathstutoring.co.uk from which all shortened URL's will now come. Here are a few you may find useful:

Other shortened links will be created as required and you will be notified as and when.

Zoom Sessions

Tuition is now available via Zoom. Some students are already having sessions via Zoom and it is available to others should they wish to transfer over from Skype. Zoom can be downloaded here. More can be found out at Zoom's support centre.

Please message with any questions raised due to issues from this newsletter or any other issues you may have. If you do not wish to continue to receive these newsletters, then please message with your request.

  All the best,



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