August 21 Newsletter: Results, COVID-19 and the New Academic Year

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Dear student/parent/customer,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. In this edition: Summer 2021 Results Days; updated COVID-19 Statement; August Bank Holiday; the New Academic Year; the Downs Link Century.

Results Days

A level results are due on 10th August 2021 with the GCSE results due two days later, on 12th August 2021. Hopefully, those receiving results exceed their expectations. Whatever the outcome I would love to hear how you got on. Not just for the subjects I have tutored, but in general too. I'd also like to know your plans moving on; are you going for further study?

Updated COVID-19 Statement

The updated COVID-19 statement details the move, for those who wish to take it, to in-person tuition.

August Bank Holiday

Please note for those continuing with tuition over the summer holiday there will be no tuition on the August Bank Holiday, Monday 30th August 2021.

The New Academic Year

For continuing and new students, from Wednesday 1st September 2021, the tuition fee will remain as before for both online sessions and face-to-face. Please remember this includes not only the hours tuition but prep setting and marking, and support by messaging between sessions. If you have found my tuition useful and feel that I can help someone you know, then please feel free to pass on my details. My introductory sessions are free to all new students. If you are finishing your studies or no longer need old textbooks, etc, then please consider giving them to me so that I can offer them to future students or donate them to education charities. We can arrange collection in a non-contact manor.

Downs Link Century

The annual Downs Link challenge is on Saturday 4th September 2021. I'll be in it with my cousin Richard both completing the just less than 100 miles in just over eight hours, hopefully. For more details see Downs Link challenge and you can sponsor at virginmoneygiving.com. Wish us luck!

Please message with any questions raised due to issues from this newsletter or any other issues you may have. If you do not wish to continue to receive these newsletters, then please message with your request.

  All the best,



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