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MInstP BSc(Hons) NatSciPhys & Math.

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A level & I/GCSE Tutoring
in Physics & Maths

One-to-one tuition in-person or on-line from
Michael Andrew Smith
MInstP BSc(Hons) NatSciPhys & Math

A tutor with fifteen years of experience & dedication with extensive knowledge of both physics & maths at A level, IGCSE & GCSE

Introductory session: free & without obligation

Contact Michael on
0 77 86 69 56 06
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Michael Andrew Smith

Customer Comments:

"Michael has tutored my twin daughters throughout this year and has helped them tremendously with their GCSE Exam/Assessments, during the pandemic. He has been a great tutor to both of them, patient, thorough and always well prepped with the maths subjects that they needed to cover. We really appreciate all the help that he has given them and would highly recommend him as a tutor."

"MS has been a great success in both re-engaging and encouraging my son's confidence in mathematics. He quickly saw where the weaknesses were, which were addressed and supported with great patience, and carefully developed my son's learning capabilities. Very much appreciated!"

"Michael has provided excellent tuition & guidance since the very first session. He built up a great rapport with our son and quickly built both his ability and confidence. When lockdown struck he seamlessly moved online and has continued tuition throughout. Starting with GCSE tuition and now onto A Level. Would have no doubts recommending Michael."

"Michael has been tutoring my son (aged 14) since January 2020 and has helped him enormously. Since lockdown the lessons have been online and it works really well. He explains it all in such a way that my son clearly understands. Only last week we received a letter from school saying he had had an exceptional start to his Year 10 maths work. He is much more confident about his maths and no longer feels any pressure. Michael always has a positive attitude with him and my son enjoys the lessons very much. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough."

"Michael is absolutely brilliant (as mentioned in previous reviews by other people). Michael is the best tutor we have used, his teaching style is of the highest standard. Michael also provides feedback in writing after each lesson and also communicates in between lessons as required. We use Michael for both our children who have made great progress at school after support from Michael."

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