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1) A full guide to session structure can be found here.
2) Customer here refers to a parent, a guardian, other adult with responsibility for the student, or the person paying for tuition. This applies when the student is under 18 year of age or is not paying for the tuition. If the student is 18 or over and paying for tuition, then customer and student are the same person.

Initial Session:

Initial sessions with new students are free and with no obligation.

Start time:

I will generally arrive for a face-to-face session ten minutes before the allotted start time. Students can call up to ten minutes before the nominal start time for on-line sessions. Each hour session last at least one hour and, generally, no more than an hour and ten minutes.

Text and email support:

All text messages and emails sent to students are copied to the customer unless the parents opt-out or it is technically not possible.

Session cancelation:

Sessions cancelled earlier than 24 hours before the start time will not incur any cancellation fee. Cancellation after this time may incur a fee of one hour's tuition.


Payment for sessions can be made by bank transfer (receipt notified by email within 48 hours), cash or cheque. Invoices are issued where payment is by bank transfer (usually at the end of each calender month unless otherwise requested) with account transfer details, otherwise on requested or where necessary. Receipts will be issued on request. Invoices must be paid within one month of issue. If there is an issue with payment the parent is contact Michael Andrew Smith with details of the issue and a plan will be put in place to repay the debt. Any overdue invoices will be result in all monies owed becoming due with a late payment fee of one hour's tuition plus interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate. Continued delay in payment will be dealt with via solicitor/courts/debt agency. See when-a-payment-becomes-late for more details.

Internet sites: provides information on availability and contact details. Further pages specific to individual students are created as and when required (exemplar) for non-confidential information sharing only. More secure methods of information sharing are via email, text message or post. is used to provide shortened URL's for

Neither site currently uses cookies.

While every reasonable effort is made in ensuring the accuracy of these sites, you must confirm (via a third source) the accuracy of the information you gain from these sites before using that information. Links to sites outside the control of these sites have been viewed, but not checked completely nor checked for changes. Please refer any unsuitable content by email. Report any broken links here.

Book references to Amazon are for clarity only. This is in no way a recommendation of Amazon. Other retailers may offer a better service.

Registry confirmation for can be found at

General Data Protection Policy (GDPR):

Personal data is collected as a part of this tutoring service. This personal information must be dealt with properly and securely however it is collected, recorded and used: on paper; on a computer; on other material. Correct treatment of personal information is especially important to the successful and efficient performance of this service. All personal data is maintained in strict confidence. A fully detailed privacy statement can be found here. If you would like a copy of your complete record held by Michael Andrew Smith, then please write to the address on the contact page with details of your request.

Unethical Requests:

Many schools, colleges and universities are giving students alternative online options to support their studies.
I would like to remind all parents and students that this website and the services I offer are provided to help individual students help with their studies toward their personal goal.
I have a zero-tolerance policy on parents and students who support plagiarism and cheating. This includes and is not limited to the following: online exams; coursework completion; providing sample answers to questions; essay completion. Those found to be engaging in this type of unethical enquiry will be reported to the relevant authorities.


Last updated Saturday 27th February 2021.
These terms and conditions are updated ad hoc and without notice.

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