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This page contains links to more and further information, and news on respiratory infections including covid-19.

What is COVID-19 or coronavirus?
What's the road-map for lifting lock-down?
Living safely with respiratory infections including covid 19
Reducing the spread of respiratory infections including covid 19 in the workplace
UK Government - Daily Update
COVID-19_pandemic (wiki)

News outlets

Where? and When?:

Educational Impact:

Guidance to educational settings
guidance for schools and colleges and local authorities on maintaining educational provision ;
Effect on 2022 Exams.

Avoiding coronavirus:

When you have coronavirus:

If you think you have coronavirus first call NHS 111
Main Symptoms;
Getting tested;
Order Coronavirus Rapid Lateral Flow Tests
Report a Rapid Lateral Flow Test;
NHS Supporting your recovery;
Long-term effects of coronavirus (long COVID).

... further information:

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